Apple HomeKit Integration

For those stating that Wyze products (other than the cameras) may work with Matter in the future, is this referring to existing products? I’m not well-read on the different protocols but my impression is that some hardware that has existing support for protocols like Thread, Zigbee, et cetera, can potentially be updated to support Matter if they have the right hardware and the manufacturers want to code a firmware update in. But I just have a feeling that Wyze wants to be in its own ecosystem and that regardless of future hardware, existing products will never work with HomeKit due to lacking hardware. Can anyone elaborate on this?


@WyzeJasonJ - do you know if the Cam v3 Pro will support Matter? I’ve given up on Apple HSV support, but was curious if it’s still too soon for Matter?

Matter does not yet support cameras. They have not set any standard yet so it is hard to tell if this will have the components or not when those standards are set.

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No one knows what WYZE will do outside of WYZE. My guess is NO, any of their older hardware won’t support MATTER and THREAD. If they happen to do get upgraded, at least a few of their things, great, but never assume anything.

MATTER V1 only supports a few more popular smart devices. No Cameras and I think no smart Vacuums. Learn more about it here.

Never buy anything from anyone if it doesn’t support what you need it to support NOW, not possibly down the road.

i would vote to put all resources in to HomeKit before wyze cameras are abandoned.

There are many cameras getting on board. Why not Wyze?

I’ve already abandoned all of my Wyze cameras for VOCOlinc cameras. Using Homebridge, I still use some of my Wyze bulbs and plugs, but I plan on replacing all of these as well eventually. I am a longtime Wyze customer but it is time to part ways. They just don’t listen to users needs.

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Any news on Wyze products being able to integrate in apple home kit ? I have 6 Wyze cameras, Wyze home security system, wyze locks and Wyze bulbs that I wish I could integrate on my apple ecosystem. I have already home pods around and I find inefficient to have to buy more google products to be able to integrate my wyze ecosystem. I hope there are plans that help clients, that enjoy wyze and apple, integrating both.

it isn’t happening

I kind of figured that :/. If anybody wants to buy a bunch of Wyze gear hit me up. I may start changing things in the next couple of months.

Looks like Hubitat is adding HomeKit compatibility in their next update.