App updated to local language, cannot save new rule

Today I noticed the app shows in the locale of my phone (a push notification opened in French, but after closing it and opening the app again, it showed my language).

Now I’m trying to save a new rule and I cannot save it, it says “content type is error”.

Also, some of the Spanish translation is incorrect, the “Save” button is translated as “Ahorrar” (which is to save money). It should have been “Guardar”.


The broken English may indicate that this error is very very rare and there is no code for it.

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Same thing here, I tried on different cellphones and different kind of rules and it keeps showing the same message.

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Same problem!

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Hi, yes the same trouble. And transaltion to spanish is awful, some term are so confusing I prefer in English if you can’t do a better work in spanish


Any solution to this problem? The same thing happens to me, not to mention the horrible translation into Spanish (I can’t find a way to change the language)

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Same issue here. We need a fix

Mismo problema y nadie del soporte nos contesta

[Mod Note]: English translation from Spanish follows:

Same problem and no one from support answers us

Exactly the same with my app, shows up 5 different languages on different menus or windows, and is impossible to make new rules…

Same problem