Wyze app rules always fail saving

More often than not, when I try to save rules in my Wyze app, it fails and just shows a toast at the bottom saying “Failed”. I have Android app version v2.10.71.

The failure happens on all my rules, be it time or device triggered. In older versions of the app I was able to create the rules fine, but now if I try to edit/add new rules, saving shows “Failed” toast and nothing happens. Then the app crashes.

This breakage effectively makes Rules completely useless on Wyze. Anyone else have this issue?

I have tried reinstalling the app.

Update: I tested on 2 Android phones and discovered that it’s broken on a Google Pixel 3 with the April 5, 2020 Android 10 update but works on a Google Pixel 1 on the October 6, 2019 Android update.

Sounds to me like a bug. You should submit logs through the app on the phone where it’s not working.