Will you finally fix the language mixup bug?

It has been more than 6 months that part of the Wyze app displays a language which is not english, nor my primary language.

This has been largely discussed by many users:

Look, we have been very patient…
It was fun at first…
Then it became embarassing for Wyze…
Now I am worried for the safety of the dev that should fix this issue… is he safe ? was he kidnapped ?

Just to clarify one more time:
This bug appears in all my devices (phone and tablet)
My Wyze apps are up to date
My OS language is not and has never been set to Spanish
I have absolutely no Spanish settings in my phone or tablet, nowhere.
I have never ever installed a Spanish app.
I have never been to Spain
I once ordered a paella, but I made sure to browse in incognito mode, and I close my camera when I ate it.

Look, I am a software developer myself, and I propose to help fix this bug, for free.
I think it is a simple issue to deal with:
The french resource file has been mixup with Spanish during Summer 2023.
You need to identify the french language file and lookup in the Github history to restore the original.

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Those are the problematic screens.
(The rest of my app is a mixup of French and English, that I can live with)

You gotta be kidding me… I thought I was the only one with this it’s driving me nuts it’s still going on.

I remember like last year, when I went on my annual vacation (which is the only time of the year I use my Wyze cam basically) I opened a support ticket and filed the bug. The answer I got was some kind of nonsense despite the issue being, like you said obvious and easily fixable.

Fast forward to this weekend where I have to use my cam and discovering that issue is known and they’ve [Mod Edit] all.

This is embarassing.

Latest Android 13, Pixel 4, app in French and some parts in Spanish and others in English.

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Same here for months. I speak canadian french or english would be fine too but i have pages displaying in the app in spanish too. And all languages are mixed up on the same page too.

Makes Wyze look reallt bad it should have already been fixed.

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Me too I don’t understand why is not fixed wet.

Because we never have technical answer, so I am thinking:

  • Short employee (but more than 6 months …)
  • Is hardcoded on code (Hope no)
  • Using a third-party software for language and have no control over
  • Don’t care about French Canadian (8.5 million people is nothing compare USA)

For Wyze compagnie is consuming time for support to answer about this trouble and if you check the app rating 3.2 many of bad rates is because this bug.