Bug report: Wyze app in French but Events tab in Spanish

Wyze app (android v2.45.0(342) )

My Wyze app is in French but in the events tab, the text is displayed in Spanish

the rest of the application is in the correct language


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I am not experiencing this issue, nor do I have any suggestion for fixing it, but there have been other users reporting the same anomaly.

See these threads for others posting similar experiences:

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Same here, been like that for months now and Wyze does not seem to care.
Even did a new app install on a new phone last week and event tab still in Spanish.


Same here

Same issue over here!

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Same here [Mod Edit]

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I gave the same problem me too.
My device it supose to be in french.
But in the app only the bottom is correct.
All the rest is in spanish…

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I have the same issue.

Same problem here… Has anyone from Wyze given any sign of life?

This issue is more present in the Android app.
On iOS, the translation is better - outside some translation mistakes.

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I also have same problem the event tab is in spanish since 1 year and also no advice from Wyze!!!

+1 for months!

I am happy to report that I do NOT have this problem yet!
I would recommend someone in this thread get it on the Fix-it Friday list at the beginning of April.
Once it has been posted there remember to go and vote it up (press the HEART icon)!
WyzeJasonJ will post it usually at the beginning of the month in the “News” section.
Here is the March list, which I think has been finalized?

Good Luck with this one!