App Time Out

Is there a way to make the app not time out after a few minutes?

I use an iPad to monitor my cameras on live view on the kitchen counter , but I notice after a few minutes the app closes the live view and either goes to the main screen or closes completely.

Since Tinycam is not yet available for apple products… i can only use the Wyze app. Is there a way to force the app to keep the live view session going indefinitely?

Any suggestions?

Might be an iOS issue. On Android, live streaming the cams on the app doesn’t time out.

I’m on IOS and haven’t noticed mine cutting off at any set limit- however I don’t run them usually more than maybe 30 minutes consecutively.

What device are you Using
What app and firmware version (s)
What cams - V2 or pans
How long do the run before stopping & is it always the same length
What message do you get when they stop monitoring? Error?? If so what number.