[App Release Announcement] App v2.1

So was there a wyze nests in the production shop or was it just a test in beta? I even got two confirmation emails about my orders.

Geo W.

The Nest is just in Beta version. The emails will still be sent out to all customers whether you are in beta or official production.

I will talk to the team so we can find a better way to communicate this, apologies for the confusion. Just curious, what did you expect to receive with the order of Wyze Nest?

Honestly, I was hoping it was the new outdoor cam and that you guys were doing something crazy like a special event to the the 100 orders or something? I think you had a similar event last year with the V2 and a nest. I am looking forward to an outdoor version, where I live we get a lot of snow and rain.

I think the Beta shop and email notifications need a notice at the top that it is just for testing and that the orders will not be processed, even though I was able to process two using my credit card.

Thanks for the clarification, a little disappointed, thought I was getting something special there.

Geo W


After the last firmware update on the camera… there is hardly any sound captured by the microphone of the camera… we use the camera for the motion/sound detection and sometimes, continuosly monitor over the ios app. There is hardly any sound we can hear on the app. We tried with different phones too and still the same. The camera seems to be hardly capturing sound.

Not having any issues with sound. One phone running the beta and one running production.

Did notice that the ability to see through walls is still missing. Otherwise well done!

i have pan too… the volume is less than half for sure…

is there a possibility to downgrade the firmware?

Pretty sure you can, I don’t know how it’s done, But if you do a search on here for Downgrade firmware , Rollback firmware ,You should find some information