App originally set up for Google Assistant with Pan (V2) Cam to be changed to Echo

I decided to buy an Echo while trouble shooting my Google Assistant and now I am wondering how to change the App to communicate with the Echo instead of the Google Assistant. This may be simple but I am timid about diving right in. It seems more complex since G.A. is on my phone.

Hi @Catnip8,

You just need to remove it from your Google Home ( or you can leave it enabled in the google assistant, it will work on both). Set up and add it to Alexa, Alexa has a Wyze Skill for Wyze that you need to enable,
See the Video Below, The way I did it was I just said " Alexa Enable Wyze Skill" The I asked “Alexa Discover new devices” the cams will have the same name’s as you already have set up for the cams, ie, Front Yard, Living Room…etc" But the Video below will give you good info :smiley:

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I don’t think you even need to remove it from Google, if you don’t want to. It’s not either/or. It can be connected to both. I have both, and I connected it to both. I haven’t really used any of the cam functions with either of them, but the lights can be controlled through either, for example.

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Thank you! Strangely, the Wyze Cam Pan shows on Google Home, too, but not the little Wyze Cam. I checked and it is V2. Is that because I intentionally set the Pan up on Google Home and not the little one?

Your Welcome and That is correct @Catnip8 on why the other one does not show up, because you set up the Pan and not the smaller V2 on google :smiley:

It found it today! It took two days. But I guess given time, it figured it out.

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