App keeps crashing

Ever since the app was upgraded when the announced cam plus was introduced, my app crashed before I can even view a video(15 second clips) I use to have no problems with battery restriction engaged to save battery. Now, i tried with it off any it runs ok, doesnt crash(or at least hasnt yet). Question is, has anyone else had this issue and do you know if have to keep it running in background now to work properly?

I think I have the same issue. I don’t fiddle much and trust something to just keep on working. Despite this, the camera settings constantly alter, and now, when I try to view playback, the app crashes ever…y…single…time.
I have a software quality background and suspect there are few production release tests going in here

Yea I think so too cuz since day one, years ago, I had my battery restriction off to save power and everything worked just fine in the app(minus various new app updates with bugs and all) Didnt start having the crashing issue till July 28th, which incidentally, was same day the app upgraded to support the new outdoor cam and cam pan. So yea I think some bugs are definitely being identified and some tests are being done as well on the companies end of things

Think something is up for sure.
My app version is 2.12.29 and camera firmware 4,9,6.156
Perhaps a newer version of the app aligns with the camera firmware, just not this one

Yea agreed. I definitely will be looking for an app upgrade to come or be announced sometime in the near future