App just closes when viewing older clips

I tried to view clips from last week , same problem I have been having , app Just closes when I tap on the clip.
I sent 2 support requests about this Over a week ago And still no reply , no ticket number , no nothing .There’s something wrong with that, I don’t think the email is getting where is supposed to go, this is not the first time this is happened.
They are in my sent folder showing that they were sent
anyone else having these problems ?

I posted a new post about this because it won’t let me Put anymore in this other one

Which problems?
I just checked - event clips of back to Friday the 7th show up fine.
As far as support requests it varies - but generally only a day or so.
Are you sending support requests via the app?

The 2 problems that I mentioned, app crashing and no reply from support.
Yes I’m sending support requests via the app like I always do and usually I get a reply and ticket number within an hour.
BTW app is v2.3.69

I think my last “support” request I filed from this website 2 days ago - about what had happened to my account on the order summary page.

and Anjel got back to me yesterday afternoon. So about a 24 hr turn around.

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Yes, I experienced the same problem. I tried to view play back on the previous day recordings and soon as I got to the desired clip postion, the app closed. :unamused:

I was finally able to send in a support request and got a ticket number you should send one in also

I have same issue with my account orders, I’m on beta though, so I just chalked it up to that

How do I request a ticket number by email?

In the app, tap on account > help & feedback > report an issue, fill it in then tap submit , then choose your email you want to send it with

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Ok, thank you, HDRock. I appreciate your help.

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Also having this problem (posted more in thread OP listed). Anyhow, has anyone actually gotten a reply from support on this issue yet?

I was also having this problem. I think it was because I had too many videos for that day. I deleted a bunch from a different camera, and then it worked.