App in need of serious redesign - Yes or No?


Is it reasonable to expect that the button-too-close-to-screen-edge complaint can/will be solved - given the gazillion Android make/model variations that complicate the issue - or is the stylus workaround not ideal, but recommended?

One of my goals in life is to avoid expending emotional energy expecting a solution that has low odds of being effected.

Give it to us straight, design doc, we can take it. :slight_smile:

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Hey @masterep, maybe you can speak to this.

Squeaky wheels get the grease. Fires must be put out. Etc. In customer service, this still seems to be a prime motivator.

But if you’re not an obstreperous arson, but rather, a soft-spoken sweetheart inarticulate in tech, what’s a milquetoast to do?

Some customer dissatisfaction is inevitable, and some dissatisfied customers will be missed.

But what’s a better alternative from the CS POV? Constructive sniffing of usage data by AI? Intuitive CS agents allowed sufficient time to tease-out solutions? Wider focus grouping?


I’m gonna ping @thequietman44 , too, he’s a thoughtful CS guy. Though he hasn’t been around in a while. :frowning_face:

FWIW, I notice that apps from Google tend to keep clickable buttons some pixels closer to the centerline, further from the margins, than these. Maybe not universally true, but for the ones I quickly looked at. That said, I’m not suggesting this is a showstopper but if going to a serious redesign maybe worth considering. Offered in the spirit of Austin’s invitation.

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“what” Google apps? The Nest app? I ask because the UI personality diverges quite a bit

Well, I guess I said it wrong, but Google offer a number of apps with screen-based UI. It appears to me that many of them have more room between the “button” and the margin, or a wider clickable area, some don’t. But just to give an idea of the apps that are Google apps: Gmail, Contacts, Messages, the Google app, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Photos, Maps, Home… Not everyone likes or uses these for a variety of reasons.

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All Things Design

In this episode, we chat about all things design with Austin Byrd & Greg Robison, who are on our Product Design team. Hear about how they are thinking about the Wyze user experience and the challenges they face in integrating multiple products and services into a cohesive experience!

I want a tablet command center: a customizable interface where I can arrange modules for my Wyze products; view multiple camera, tap to toggle power on selected plugs and bulbs, lock and unlock my door, etc. I have an old tablet that is wall-mounted and essentially dedicated to my Wyze devices. This would make it that much more useful.


For Android users, I just discovered a setting on this app that forces the Wyze app into reluctant Landscape orientation throughout.

It’s been quite a good app (no ads, reasonable permissions) that I’ve been using for other purposes for about a year, so I thought I’d pass it along for folks inclined to experiment.

The circled setting combo is the one that successfully forces landscape on little Wyzie, at least for me. :slight_smile:


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I appreciate someone is spearheading this. I’m ready to chuck the wyze band due to it’s terrible accessibility on the band and the app.

Get rid of any gray text - it’s passe and is unreadable. Overall the text contrast on all screens for all products is bad either because of the size of the font and/or the thin font chosen.

Allow all screens to be enlarged/magnified. None of the pages on any section is responsive and that is a huge miss. There are no options to choose text size so we rely on you to find one that is readable to all age groups and/or vision compromised.

I have one of the largest phones on the market but still I cannot read the text on my phone easily. My glasses are current. Now allowing landscape to help enlarge the screen is a miss. Please fix it for phones as I don’t carry around a tablet at all times. Which is not to say the tablet view is better.

I’d like to see a dark mode too. Can you toss that into the mix?

Make accessibility the religion at Wyze first and foremost on everything (including this webpage - the font is way too thin and it’s gray).



Separate notification options/settings for shared cameras. My #1 wish.


@AustinByr How many UX and UI experts, if any, are on the design team?

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Considering how badly the app is designed I would say the answer is obvious - Zero


Well I guess Wyze has decided to NOT increase the readable by changing the light green text color. Its really not hard to understand - BLACK text / White background = readable.

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They’ve made some improvements in beta 2.11.xx.
White on black is more readable for me. The option of both is not a new idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you want to see change, talk to Austin… He actually seems to care

Well, during the install process of the Wyze app (there isn’t one) they could include a color wheel for text and background Or, they could simply offer only two… Black on white or white on black. I happen to hate the current scheme


He busy. :tornado:  I give monkey cake  image

Trying to see but you know darn well
That font from below can burn your eyes out


I think it might be useful if the developers and software engineers would look at the application they are putting out through the eyes of the user rather than their own


this is my thought as well … the user experience ranges from excellent to dismal …

on a non-related issue : i just tried to order some items and the order was duplicated 6 times plus the original for a total of seven … i can find no way to delete these orders.

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