App displaying wrong camera

App version v2.12.29: I have 3 cam pans. In the back, I have cameras A & B. All cameras have current firmware [].

Starting today, when I open the app and go to HOME tab, camera A displays live screen for camera A. BUT,

camera B displays live screen for camera A!

I restarted camera B, but it still displays the live screen for camera A.

When I view PLAYBACK for camera B - up until 12:28pm today the PLAYBACK displays cam B footage. Starting with the next footage at 1:23pm today cam B is displaying cam A footage!

When I go to the EVENTS tab starting at 1:23pm cam B is displaying cam A events!

  1. Camera B is not recording its own footage to its SD card!

  2. App is not displaying camera B live data.

Do you have another device with the WYZE app installed? Does it work the same way?
I would reboot the phone. If that doesn’t fix it, log out of your WYZE account, in the app, and log in again.

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Thanks. I am using an Android tablet like always. But I also have an Android phone w wyze that I can check. Excellent suggestion. I’ll reply when done.

No, same thing happened after rebooting, logging out, restarting camera. I spoke to Wyze support and they are shipping me another camera. Thanks for your help!

I havnt seen this happening before. Can you reinstall the camera? I’d say delete it via app, then go through the install process from the begining with the problem cam.

Glad Support helped you out!. I’f you don’t mind trying to trouble shoot a little more to try and get to the bottom of this in case other experience this in the future. Thanks in advance!

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I agree. Remove and add the camera again. I can’t see it being a defective camera. It’s more likely a corrupt data table somewhere confusing the two cameras.
Replacing the canera will fix it but not solve it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Also if you haven’t done any above troubleshooting yet, how about checking the MAC address (later edit/ and even ip address ) in both camera a and b in device settings, are they the same or different? Like said, I think something got tangled and that’s one thing to check (I would think Support would have access to that information upon pulling up your account, but I am curious :slight_smile: )


I encountered the same problem 3-4 months ago. I have a group of 4 cams displayed 24/7. I noticed that 2 of the 4 cams’ displays were identical. I restarted both cams, killed the app, rebooted the phone, removed one of the cams from the group and readded, all to no avail. I thought maybe something was glitched on a Wyze server and went to sleep. Same story the next morning. Went through all the same remedies to no avail. I finally decided to reboot my mesh wifi system. Problem solved or coincidence? Must be a really obscure bug, wherever it is. Hasn’t happened again.