Anyone know if Wyze thermostat will work with GYRB wires? #speadie : )

Hey there… Went to install my wzye thermostat into a hydro (Water sourced) heat pump and is says the wires there are not compatable… I know some wires serve different purposes so I figured I would ask here if there is anything I can try?
Pick of the back of my existing thermostat is attached.

back of thermostat

Hello @raycslack,

You can check here to see if it is compatible.


Also, if you are trying to contact speedie, you need an @ symbol in front of the name, and for that to be placed in the body of a message.

You also would likely need a photo of the other ends of those wires at the control board on the furnace. :wink:

It should be fine with these wires. Red is Rc, Yellow is Y, Green is G, Blue is O/B.
You’ll need the C adapter, unless you have an extra wire in the wall.

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