Anyone having issues with recorded clips from WOC running at double speed?

Put sd_update folder directly under “F:”
Do not let it in sub-directory “wco_cam_sd_4.17.1.290”

Yes, thanks. My error was downloading the firmware directly to the SD. This time I downloaded the firmware file to a Firmware Download Folder on my PC which I had previously made and used. I then extracted the sd_update to the SD. I’ll test it out as soon as the sun wakes up later.

**** One of 4 cams back to version :grin:
Can’t believe I made that download mistake and has anyone seen my car keys :upside_down_face:

**** 01-16-2022 All 4 WCO back on firmware version and all recording correctly with night vision on. What a pain in the a$$.

Got notified today to update base station and it took. But issue not fixed. Are they even trying to fix it?
Its been a couple months. Support does nothing.

It is the camera firmware that is the issue. If you are using the December 2021 WCO firmware change it back to the November version Go to the release notes and download the November file to you computer, The directions say for a windows computer right click the downloaded folder. Extract the sd_update file to a SD card. Follow these directions. This will work !!! I just did it last week.

Maybe Wyze could give an update on when they’ll fix the problem since it seems to be a faulty update in their part.

So apparently Wyze can’t be bothered to fix this issue? It’s not a temp problem

Thats how it seems. Ive wrote them and sent files and all that. Responses are worthless. If they roll back an update they would be fixed but not a thing happening

I opened up a ticket, they suggested I restart the phone :roll_eyes:

The solution to fix your issue is posted above, Put the November 2021 firmware on your camera. I worked on this issue for two weeks with WYZE sending video clips, logs and numerous emails. Final answer was wait for a firmware upgrade. I changed all 4 cams back to November version and they all record normal. Since this does not seem to effect All users I don’t expect a new firmware soon. The December firmware for the cam did nothing for the cam except add support for a Solar Panel which I do not have.

Sure, except mine are mounted and it’s winter, with snow and ice, so they are difficult to get to. But hey, spring’s around the corner so what’s another couple of months with unusable night video (kind of the only video I need)

It would be nice if they at least acknowledged there was a problem.

I already have to wait till spring to pull down my original cam, since I replaced my router and the only way to reset that one is manually. The others at least took the new wifi with no issue.

They are completely flying by the seat of their pants with their products. Too many products, too many changes too quickly.

I just looked in the Beta forum, they are currently testing a new WCO app to fix the issue of double speed videos when night vision is on. Maybe it will be out in a week or two?

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Good to know - thanks!

I have this issue but night vision is set to auto. Well this fix the problem?

I am sure it will fix the issue, All 4 of my cameras were set on Auto when the problems started. I then turned night vision on in the daytime and it was still the same problem. You can wait until they are done testing the firmware they or working on now or change your firmware back to November 2021.

As Antonius says, the revision works. If Wyse manages to fix the issue in firmware, at least you can “push” it out to the cameras without having to retrieve them to use the SD card route.

Here’s my neighbourhood bobcat that dropped by last evening …regular speed.

Ok, who is going to be the first to try it out. Maybe I will in the afternoon tomorrow>

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I’ll install it as soon as it’s available, as I always do, I’m on Android and haven’t seen it yet…

Gee I don’t remember installing it, but it’s already up to date on both my WCOs… seems to be working great… :+1:

I’ll give it a few days to see how it goes.

Updated all 4 cams without issue and they all test good for now. Since I am over-the -hill it was hard for me to hold my breath for the 15 min. it took to do all the updates. I had to update the base to before I did the cams because I had not updated it since November 2021.

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