Anybody charge a WCO with an Apple 20W USB-C charger? Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter : Cell Phones & Accessories

Getting a new phone capable of 20W USB-C fast charging. Has a usb-C to lightning cord. If I can find a USB-C to mini-USB B plug, I’m wondering if I can fast charge a WCO.

Just a thought. Realize I can’t claim warranty or damage to WYZE if I fry one. But wonder if anyone else has tried it?

Would fast charging shorten the battery life? Generate too much heat?

Generally speaking fast charging will decrease battery life. Wouldn’t even try on WCO.
Apple uses a set of resistors to enable fast charge. Apple and other USB charger secrets |



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Thanks for replies. I’ll just use charger for iPhone and iPads. Appreciate the wisdom.