Any rule to switch between Camplus and 12 seconds motion detection for multiple cameras?

My camplus uploads to cloud are using a lot of my comcast internet bandwidth which has a monthly cap of 1229GB. Is there a way to use rule to switch between Camplus and regular motion detections for multiple cameras ?

Right now I have to go to Account → Services to select a cam and change Camplus to Unassigned in order to use the regular motion detection.

Wow thats crazy what your internet company does,I thought the usages were all gone years ago you need to talk to them or get a better internet I have spectrum with 200+ gb at all of our sites and it’s unlimited $49.99


I don’t believe there is a method / Rule to switch between CamPlus and no CamPlus. You could possibly reduce the sensitivity or Put an SD Card in and only use that.

Which Camera’s do you have? Asking because you can set limits on the WCO’s.

My v3’s sent a lot of data over a period of time, bt I have FiOS Gigabit and not restrictions. So really did not pay attention much. I did purchase a new router where I can see the traffic in a graph to determine which camera’s were sending a lot of data and where. Really like the router and you have a lot of options to minimize bandwidth.

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You are using 1.2 TERAbytes a month just from motion detections?

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My monthly internet usage was below 500GB before school restarted in August. Then school restarted in August and I have one camera on camplus covering the driveway and street in front which is very busy during school hours. Then usage jumped to 700+GB. I have 5 camplus (4 license package + 1 HMS) and a bunch of 14 days free trial licenses. Then I signed up to that unlimited/99 licenses plan on Nov 20th. Oct usage jumped to 862GB. I turned on only about 10 camplus licenses. Now just only 1/3 of November has passed and I already used up 368GB.

I just turned off 3, out of 4, camplus licenses which are used by cameras triggered by busy school traffic. Hope this will help to reduce data usage. I don’t like being close to the data usage limit cliff :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:

I think camplus is blindly sending tons of and too much data to cloud for AI tagging. Users should have a convenient way to switch between camplus and regular motion detection. Each GB of data is generated by creating certain amount of greenhouse gases and we should reduce unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions. I hope you folks the moderators can reflect this request to Wyze.

I have 40 cams set up so far and a bunch of unopened v2, v3, two pan cam v2.

Most likely I will keep that “unlimited” plan as a support of the company even though I cannot use more than 10 licenses.

I will turn on camplus for all my 40 cams when I on vacation but when I am at home I don’t need that many camplus videos. Frankly I rarely check those videos unless something, hopefully good and interesting, happens.

The rules are one of the best features of Wyze app. I use rules to restart all my 38 cams, not 40 since two of them are WCO which cannot be restarted remotely, to make streaming smoothly few times a day.

I hope Wyze will implement rules to control camplus to reduce greenhouse emission and enhance it usefulness to customers.


Which router did you purchase ?

I have a Synology rt2600ac as the main wifi router which does all the ip blocking and a mesh system of 6 TCL mesh units to which all my 38 cams, v2, v3, pan cam, pan cam v2 are connected. Base station for my two WCOs is connected to wifi of the Synology router 2.4GHz wifi since it cannot be connected to mesh single wifi ssid.

Copy that we have over 88 cams all on cam + all are v2,v3,ptz v1,v2,wireless outdoor at 9 sites and still growing

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You are very lucky to have the $49.99 unlimited data plan for your 88 cams. I pay $60 for my comcast/xfinity plan and have to pay $30 extra for unlimited data.

That’s at our house , only 9 cams at home the others are at sites where we get free internet, it helps to know the owner

Question: Are you off-site, monitoring live steams for hours a day? That would certainly increase your usage. When you are on-site, the camera talks directly to your device. When you are off-site, MUCH data goes outbound.

I work from home. Out of my 40 cams only 23 are on all the time. And I am streaming only 4 cams on my TV almost 24/7 and that is internal streaming. Those 4 cams can keep streaming even if internet is down.

I have the following now:

I leave it in Mesh mode and have not had any issues since switching to these. However, please do your own research as I can only provide my experience with these. These devices provides you with a lot of control, logs, graphs, etc.

I started with TP-Link p7, then went to TP-Link X60, and finally settled on the Asus. THe TP-Links are nice and did work, just had problems when streaming while events were being recorded.

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Thanks a lot!
I know Asus mesh systems are very good though expensive.

True. I was able to get it for 100 off. But well worth the investment for me. :slight_smile:

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