Android Oreo Go

Howzit guys, hope all is well with everyone.

I want to buy a tablet for home automation purposes and I know the Wyze app isn’t compatible with older versions of android.

I found a tablet I’m my budget running Android 8 Oreo Go…

Before I go out and buy this tablet, I just want to make sure the Wyze app can run on the Go version of android.

Would anyone know?

Thank you kindly.

Android 5+ is required for Android version. So 8 is fine. Good luck!

But you might want to tell us the brand etc.
I’ve read of poor reviews of the cheap RCA tablets with Wyze.

So I took the plunge and bought the tablet, works just fine!!

Alcatel 1t 7

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Good to hear! Hope you enjoy your purchase. The cams are both useful and fun to use.