Android notification grouping

When I swipe down to see my notification, I’ve always seen the “Wyze app is running in the background”. It’s in its own notification. All motion notifications from the app go into a separate notification and are grouped together. This is ideal as I can quickly scan them all and with one swipe I can dismiss the whole group of notifications.

Just got a new phone (Samsung S23, running Android 13). I’m pretty sure it was working the same way (I’ve only had the phone for less than a week). But what I’m seeing now is:

  • initially I see the “Wyze app is running in the background” notification
  • next notification is in a separate notification.
  • next notification is in a separate notification.
  • next (3rd) notification groups them all together in one notification item together with the persistent notification.

The ramification of this is that now I must swipe every individual notification to get rid of it because with the persistent notification in the group, I can’t dismiss the group. What was one swipe before is now many. This morning I had over 20 to deal with.

I was messing with some settings for something else last night and wonder if I changed some setting that caused this new undesirable behaviour.

How does this work for everyone else? Like in my old scenario (with a separate notification group that one can clear with one swipe), or like it is with my new phone (have to clear every notification separately)?

And if the former, how do I get it back to the way it was?

The “Wyze App is Running in the Background” persistant notification is usually present when the “Running in the Background” toggle is enabled in the Account - App Settings. Android won’t allow the dismissal of persistant notifications and regular ones together.

If you don’t want to see it at all, disabling that setting should get rid of it once dismissed so that only the device notifications are grouped together.

The “Wyze App is Running in the Background” notification is sent on the “Notifications Manager” channel of the Wyze App Notifications in the Android OS settings. If you still want the Wyze App to be forced to run in the background (toggle on in the app) but just not see the notification so it isn’t grouped with your Device Notifications, which are sent on the “WyzeMessge” channel, you can enter the App Info by long pressing the Wyze App Icon, then selecting Notifications, and disabling the toggle for “Notifications Manager”. This should also result in the persistant notification disappearing so device notifications are grouped and can be dismissed together.

If you want to still see it though, along with the persistent Wyze logo icon in your notification tray, you can split the “Notifications Manager” notification away from being grouped with your “Wyze Message” notifications by clicking the “Notifications Manager” when you are in the Notifications settings for the Wyze App and changing it from “Default” to “Silent”. This will move the “Wyze App is Running in the Background” notification down to the bottom listed with the other notification channels that are set to silent. This should also allow you to dismiss grouped WyzeMessage device notifications together.

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