Android app rotation on tablet is 90 degrees off?

I have a Lenovo Tav 4 10 Plus and my WyzeBeta app always shows video 90 degrees off. It’s kinda annoying. Anyone else have this problem?

My app version is v2.6.40. I’ve also tried to start the app in portait; same problem. No other apps have this problem.


The Wyze app we use is actually a phone app, and is not optimized for tablets. Some screens will allow you to rotate them to landscape, but not all. Even the ones that allow rotation often start out in portrait mode until you physically rotate the tablet to portrait and back again.

You can vote for a proper landscape optimization here. Looks like they plan to do it:

What I saw on your video link is new to me, though. Looked like when you rotated it it was always in the opposite mode?


I have a Lenovo Tab (and others) that acts the same. Until Wyze makes a change, the only way you can get correct orientation if you want to monitor your cam group on a tablet is to do the following:

  • Pull down the quick buttons menu and make sure “Auto-rotate” is on.
  • In your video you start up the Wyze app with your tab on it’s side (landscape) resulting in a skewed list view of cams.
  • You then rotate your tab vertically (portrait) and this results in a sideways group of 4 cams.
  • Leave the tab in portrait view, pull the menu down with 2 fingers from the right edge and change the orientation from Auto-rotate to landscape.
  • Now rotate your tab back to landscape and you’re go to go as the view is locked.

Unfortunately, if you back out of the group cam display, you’ll have to start this painful settings change process over again.


That’s not how it should work (at least not on my iPads), so it could be an incompatibility with the Lenovo line. Good fix though, @Seapup! :+1:

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I wholeheartedly agree that it’s not how it should work on a tablet. :+1: I’d submit a ticket, but I’m pretty sure it’s already been identified as I read it here somewhere and I think it’s a Wishlist item. Will check this functionality on a Samsung Tab tomorrow.


I can confirm that landscape behavior for Samsung tablets is the same as the iPads’.


Cool. I’ll switch my cam monitor to my Samsung tablet so I don’t have to deal with headache. :grinning:


Out of curiosity – if the device is rotated into portrait mode when the app STARTS, does the same behavior happen?

It seems like when you rotate it into portrait mode, it’s trying to rotate the app into landscape mode – but since you started in landscape mode, it’s doing the opposite.

Yes. Glad to see the request is in the researching mode.

Same behavior regardless of orientation when starting the Wyze app on my Lenovo tablets.

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Side note that this is why I prefer iOS to Android’s fragmented market. Haha. There are too many niche issues that are specific to devices, which is understandable since no company can reasonably test 1000 different devices to discover every minor issue specific to a single device

That original post and reply are from November. Have there been any updates? I have the same issue as the video uploaded. I also tried launching in portrait mode then rotating, no luck.

I don’t fully understand the difference between a large phone and a tablet as far as rotation is handled. The app rotates and works fine on my phone and my wife’s. It also, I believe, works fine on my Amazon Fire HD 10.

That being said I recently purchased a Onn 10.1 Tablet (Walmart), which behaves incorrectly when rotated. It rotates when you rotate the tablet, but it has the orientation wrong. This may be a problem with Android 10? I’ve noticed one other application I have is confused as well. I’ve also noticed that a number of applications are not available yet for the tablet, when they work fine on the Amazon HD, or the older Samsung tablet we have.

Either way, it’s certainly not fixed and it seems like it could be due to changes in Android 9 or 10? At least other people are having similar problems so I don’t think it’s this specific tablet (which works fine for all but two apps).

The same happens on two of my tablets. I’m used to it now. Although the initial menu comes up incorrectly, the video reverts to landscape viewing and is okay till I go to any menu. Unfortunately, getting used to it is no solution.

I still have this problem on my Lenovo tablet. I was just using Wyze on there this weekend and it’s incredibly annoying. I wish they would listen to their users.

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I’m still having the same issue on the latest version on Wyze app (v2.41.5)on an Android tablet. Same exact behavior as the original video. The tablet is using Android 12.

In live view with multiple cameras, Wyze shifts to Landscape mode when the tablet is positioned in Portrait mode, and vis versa.

I’ve tried it with other apps and they rotate properly. The issue seems to be specific to Wyze app. Anyone have a solution for this?