Android app failing AT A CRITICAL TIME

I am at a CRITICAL time and NEED the cameras to be working.

My situation was that I lost my Plus capability to filter by person on my android. It WAS working on my windows/chrome/web.

I tried reinstalling the android app and now Im’ getting

Failed to connect Error Code 27

I REALLY need this app to be working and would appreciate any help. I am on the latest version of the andoid app as of today.

The cameras finally came back on my android.

However, the plus filter for people is still not working.

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @chrismendla! :raising_hand_man:

This is a known issue with the latest Android App version that is affecting some Cam Plus Subscribers. Wyze is currently investigating and working on a fix. It has been captured in the latest Fix It Friday topic (among many others here in the forum) and is being updated there:

There hasn’t been a solution or workaround posted by any user yet that I have read. However there may be a temporary resolution.

Uninstall the current app and reinstall the 2.43 version. It can be downloaded from APKMirror.

Another option is to join the Beta Tester pool and test the newest Beta 2.45 that was released today to see if that fixes it. Honestly, that is a gamble though.

Had to edit my last post. Beta App is a swing and miss on fixing this. @ashtonwalky just reported it isn’t fixed in the Beta App.

Thanks for suggesting rolling back the Android app to v 2.43. That seems to have resolved the issues I’ve been having with cameras not loading and the app hanging/crashing. This saved me a lot of heartache!

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If you were using App version 2.44, please be aware that the ability to group the Video Doorbell within a group caused me great troubles. The Video Doorbell does group, and it will stream in the group when the group is opened. But, every single cam group that tries to open after that will fail. This has been reported to Wyze. It appears that the modification of the Group Tiles real estate aspect ratio to fit the Video Doorbell’s 90° rotation aspect ratio hoses up the loading of other cams later on in the session.

If you had your doorbell grouped in 2.44, the solution is to not group it until a fix is generated and tested.

If you are experiencing slow loading, stalling video, or video lock up, one Android setting that may help is to enable the Hardware Decoder within the Account → App Settings. This will shift the responsibility of Video Precessing from the Software Decoder embedded within the App to the GPU chip in your phone or tablet which, if powerful enough with enough memory, will process the incoming video for the app faster. It isn’t a solution for all though as GPU specifications vary with devices and age.