Android app - Beta version replaces public version repeatedly

I have had to delete the beta version several times to re-install the public version app. The beta’s UI is less useful: no way to manage/view groups of devices, I cannot find a way to disable automatic upgrades to beta. I have confirmed that the public version does not show my joining the beta program.

When I attempt to LEAVE the beta program, the message “your account is not eligible for program” displays. Something is very confused.

Where can I disable automatic updates?
Where can I eliminate any reference to the beta program?

If you go to the play store and click the leave button (shown below) and then wait an annoyingly long time. Once google finally realizes you are not wanting the beta app because you left, this take longer than you’d expect, you can install the wyze app and should receive the production version.

On the same page for google play if you tap the 3 dot icon and tap enable auto update it should remove the auto update feature. Note the box is checked by default so clicking it will remove the updates.

If this is how you attempted to leave the beta program try restarting your phone and giving it some time before downloading the app


Thank you for your helpful remarks. I was able to disable auto updates, but not the exit beta. I am using non-beta Home starter app so does not have the beta switch.

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@gm22182 - Your device grouping’s are located at the bottom of the Device list on the Device tab. They didn’t go anywhere. No functionality was lost in the 3.0 version in terms of grouping. You can favorite everything and make your Favorites have the exact same long list of every device you had previously.

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Thanks for pointing that out. Hmmm - there was a Device tab? Couldn’t see it. I moved around the app and could not find the GROUPS I had created - only individual devices. As a long time UI creator, I was surprised how noisy, non-operational and distracting the beta app was compared to the current public. Personally I find a colorful image background detract for ease of use. I guess I would have re-learn how to use the new version just as I had to do with the public version. I just don’t see the need or benefits. All my PCs have plain grey background and solid color lock screens. Function first.

Scroll to bottom for Device Groups

For comparison, this is VERY similar to Google Home and Alexa.

Here is Google Home:

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