How to leave beta

The title pretty much says it - How to get out of the beta app and use and older version of the app.
Wanting to use RTSP

If you’re on android, in the play store for the Wyze app, you need to leave beta program. Uninstall the app, reinstall the non-beta version. For iOS, just uninstall the app, and download from the apple store instead of Test Flight.


Thanks for reply

When I uninstall from from either the play store or phone, I go to the play store and it keeps re-installing the same app - beta version . Its not the beta im installing again. Only after seeing the public version, download and install it says beta again. Any ideas?

Not the “correct” answer, but in a pinch you can always sideload an Android version of choice from APKMirror, APKPure, or other reputable repositories.

(And if that still doesn’t work it must be a tag on your account.)

Did you “leave” the beta option in the play store? I’ve never had any issue reverting to the standard app - but first, you have to leave beta.


On an Android device, you can go here then select Leave Beta…

I cannot tell you how to do it if you are using an iPhone.


To remove from the iPhone, simply remove delete the app and go to the App Store and install from there. if you install from Test Flight, you will get the Beta Version

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