Android 2x2 Widget Sizes

The current 2x3 Widgets are a huge waste of desktop real estate, for both “Device” and “Event.” I imagine this ratio was chosen to work with the cameras that record the “phone orientation” full-body video, but it fits poorly for those using the v2 and v3s.

The “Event” widget is useful, but the addition of a 2x2 option along with the 2x3 would let us pick the one that fits the camera aspect.

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Welcome to the Wyze community Shinma. Please tell us which Android version you are running and also your Android Wyze app version.

I checked widgets under Android 8, 9, 10 and 11 using the current production Wyze app for Android version 2.26.22 and only see 2x2 for single device and event widgets and 4x2 for device and event lists:


I have never had a 2x2 option for widgets in any build of Wyze on three different model Android phones since I first posted this in 2021, and I still don’t. Though they have all been Motorola if their UI may have something to do with this.

This is currently a Moto G Power 2022 running Android 12 S3RQS32.20-42-10-9-2 and Wyze

There are five widgets currently available: Device (2x3), Event (2x3), Wyze Home (3x3), Device List (4x3) and Events List (4x3). :+1:


With Android 13 on Pixel 7 Pro using the latest 2.41.0 version of the Wyze app, I don’t even get that. 3x3 is the smallest option on anything. They can be resized, but only to make them larger.

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