An update regarding Person Detection

Ah - that would materially change the premise of my above post.

If so - then they may be in a reasonably decent place to deliver on this.

Haha haha! Apple is definitely not hunting for a camera company, or developing their own. They are going to add the software developed by XNOR.AI to their existing products and services.
e.g., HomeKIt Secure Video


Oh, perhaps I missed that. If that is indeed the case, I believe that would significantly change their probable success rate.

Yet, in any case, much of what I stated remains true - this will prove to be a difficult nut for them to crack.

EDIT: For clarity, that is to say that even if the AI solution will be cloud based, it’s still an AI solution. That technology is a very specific , albeit growing niche in IT. Programmers and such are devoting entire careers to the effort, and unless Wyze has brought those folks in-house, I couldn’t imagine app developers successfully taking on the challenge.

Thinking about it, my first reaction is, it’ll slow down notifications.

But even in the old setup, clips have to be uploaded to the server before notifications can be sent anyway. So in that respect, edge,ai’s advantage (local processing) is negated.

In the new setup, faster and more powerful hosts can then analyze the clips, so in theory, the results should be marginally better. Plus there’s tons of open source code already available. With no memory restriction like the 128mb camera memory.

Potentially no downside for the the user, but it will be costly for Wyze. We shall see what they will do.

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Apple will probably use XNOR.AI to make improvements to pain in the butt siri too!! lol

The NPR show is about what happens when you take something that was free and you give it a price. That*s a highly risky move and the damage can be enormous.

The “freemium” business model demands it. It’s inevitable.

In the instance of this thread, being person detection, they have stated the new version made by WYZE in-house will continue to be free. Currently the only thing they charge for is something the customers asked for and said they would be willing to pay for, which is the removal of the cool down and 12 second recording limitations.


I think Wyze will be able to bring a server side form of Person Detection to us in a reasonable time frame. Will it be as responsive and reliable as XNOR’s product? Will it be better? I don’t know we will have to wait and see. Anything else is just speculation at this stage.

One thing I have noticed in this and other threads is a tendency to jump to unfounded conclusions. When CMC first appeared people were predicting that it was the end of “free” event videos and cloud storage. It was not, in fact it had no impact whatsoever on the existing event model.

Then when the “free” Person Detection was removed due to XNOR again dire predictions that the replacement was going to be a paid for product not free.

Both times Wyze was as proactive as possible about stating what was happening and what the users would see and could expect. To be fair the replacement Person Detection product has yet to appear so it’s not an accomplished fact yet.

Wyze has never done anything like it is being accused of and honestly has tried hard to stay true to their values and to us their customers. Frankly they are doing a better job than any other company I can think of.

They are a fairly new company still growing and all that that entails. I have seen that like many companies they have issues with “Version 1” products but I personally have seen greater stability and usefulness in products as time goes on.


I maintain my articulated doubts about the execution of a comparable person detection (cloud or otherwise), but otherwise agree with you 100% regarding the lack of fees.

Wyze has this far been completely honest in that respect.

I do, however, believe that the paid-services model accompanying inexpensive hardware device is the new norm. To that extent, I fully expect Wyze to come out with expanded cloud services down the road, that do require a nominal recurring fee, e.g. the extended cloud service they now offer.

EDIT: Just a note to say that I am more than willing to pay for improved hardware, and new cloud services. I simply can’t rectify the number of people here bemoaning a $20 camera that doesn’t do everything their use case requires, and at no additional cost on top of that. I suspect a portion of the user population is simply “too cheap” to be willing to pay for all their expectations.


Time to take this one down.

After many years in the end-consumer business community I found that to be true - and for the most part the less expensive a product is the more is expected from the buyers, they pay for an entry-level Chevrolet but want and expect all the features of a top-of-the-line Cadillac. :astonished:


I recall seeing this also but cannot seem to find a hard reference. Do you have a reference?

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It is not a firm no to Edge AI just a fallback option. Edge AI is harder than cloud based so it sounds like a contingency, but I would think likely if they want to get this feature back quickly. I think the email also mentioned this, but I can’t seem to locate that currently.


WOW. Well, if you’re gonna lose a contract to someone, one can’t do any worse than Apple. Wyze engineers used to work for Apple, I think. So it’s a bit of a burn, but an understandable one. It’s better than Apple buying Wyze! Conspiracy time: Apple will limit the ability for Wyze products to adopt full HomeKit compatibility so as to better compete. But even if they release a premium $$$ product with full HomeKit compatibility, it doesn’t touch Wyze’s market of obsessed value-based customers like me. This is coming from someone who owns virtually every product Apple has ever made. It’ll be interesting to return to this in a few years. I can only imagine everyone wants to acquire Wyze, because it’s virtually obsoleted all other more costly cameras for everyone besides those already deeply entrenched in the Google Nest or Ring type ecosystem. But even that market is on shaky ground because pairing Wyze cams with their alarm system plus optional alarm monitoring but without their branded cameras is arguably the most full-featured value-added proposition. Competitors will be forced to reduce their pricing structure or acquire Wyze. May the Wyzest win.

Shhhhhhhssshhhh! I am in negotiations to buy Wyze! Don’t go tipping them off to how valuable they are! I think my current offer wow’d em! There was a clunk as they dropped the phone in shock at my generosity followed by some kind of audio artifact. Sounded sort of like someone laughing so hard they could not breath. Then the line went dead. So I am expecting a call real soon now!

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Oh, yeah. I think I was next to the conference room during that. Don’t worry, you’ll hear back from us reeeeeaaaallyyyyy soon. :stuck_out_tongue:


Soooo, you’re saying that Apple…one of the biggest companies in the world…will create special HomeKit rules that only apply to Wyze. Which would also reduce the number of their customers who subscribe to a pricier iCloud storage plan to get HomeKit Secure Video. :rofl:

Excellent summary. Wyze already attempted to get a waiver to adopt HomeKit, but Apple denied their request because of their arguably strict requirements.

It’s understandable why you’re attempting to apply a self-elevated sense of common sense to business sense but that doesn’t always make sense. Last everyone’s heard is that Apple isn’t hurting for money.

Just my two cents.