An update regarding Person Detection

A couple days ago, a new version of firmware and Android app was released. I don’t know if they remove person detection, but I didn’t install any of them, and I still have person detection. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Edit: from WyzeGwendolyn’s post regarding that update: “This completes the XNOR removal and enables new features like safely ejecting microSD cards and choosing Wyze Bulb behavior after a power outage.”

I would imagine that, since the AI was on the camera firmware, and the earlier corresponding app version is on your device, if you do not update either of them, you would almost certainly retain the person detection function indefinitely.

Of course, if there is any server-side control that I am unaware of, the above could be totally negated.

What is most likely to happen is that Wyze will continue to push firmware and app updates with desirable new functionality, and most people will update accordingly to gain said functionality, thereby losing person detection.

The last “upgrade” was the biggest downgrade to WyzeCam software so far. Nice move Wyze punishing those who keep their software up to day. I expect more features being quietly removed and offered as payed services.
Is it time to star milking the customers yet?

Upgrades are incremental. You might find that over time, server code will prevent you from using person detection, even if you don’t upgrade your firmware and app.

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I bought the Wyze Pan Cam primarily because of person detection so I am disappointed. Typically contracts with vendors allow you to own the software they develop for you so I hope you have learned from your mistakes.

Hi everyone I know it’s extremely upsetting and disappointing to have person detection remove from your cameras but that’s due to no fault of Wyze and to tell you the truth when I first bought my cameras I bought them because they’re cheap and they have great video quality they punch above their weight class in a lot of areas and person detection was just amazing I really believe in Wyze is going to come out with their own version of person detection and it will be better than ever I really hope that people could understand that it’s a business and in order for the business to be able to produce better products at the same price range that we might have to pay for A couple of things do a subscription I really believe that this is way better than the ring subscription which is just outrageously expensive over $100 a year and I am truly sorry that anyone is upset about the 1 to 2 dollar subscription for it to record after 12 seconds I suggest put an SD card into your camera like I do and have it record 24 seven so when I get a detection of 12 seconds I can go back and scroll an hour before to an hour after and have a full length of events that happenI know this is dragging on and I do apologize and again I really do love the cameras and a service that I get through this company and really appreciate everything that this company does

The “downgrade” was announced clearly on here, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and an email sent to all users. So there was nothing quiet about it. Also it was not Wyze’s choice, XNOR pulled their permission to use their software. Turns out that was because they were about to be purchased by Apple.

Lastly no paid version of the functionality has been offered indeed Wyze has publicly stated they will provide a free replacement.

I am assuming you are confusing CMC with Person Detection. The two are not even remotely related.


I agree…totally ! especially for how much sd cards go for these days…i mean 15.00 dollars for 128gb on amazon…geez… 4 x 32 gb for 25 bucks…

Nothing has been quietly removed.
It was loudly announced. Have you seen this thread?
Nothing that has been removed is being offered as a paid service.


I know good things take time but any real-time table in person detecting software release? I’m in a decent area and I am lost with it especially right now… crime is going through the roof and just last week I got a person detection of a grown man trying to get into my car at 1:30! I was able to scare him off… a few weeks before that I was able to call the police at 2:20am when my person detect went off while 3 teens were trying to break into cars across the street. I really wish I hadn’t updated and lost it but the pop ups were driving me crazy :sob: I get way too many notifications for motion so I just used person detect… I love Wyze but if this is going to be even 2 months out, I need other options sooner. The thieves are coming to the better areas to steal and this feature was honestly amazing.

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I definitely recommend you seek other alternatives if it is that important to you. Doubt it will be available in next 2 months and longer for it to have bugs worked out. Has not even gone to beta testing yet!


Wyze never had person detection when they first launch the camera and they told everyone about the news on person detection was going to come off of your camera that was just an ad on bonus when they announced it and they gave it to us for free they could have charged us for it at a subscription rate per camera and they didn’t I don’t see what the big deal Is why are people so upset over something they had for free you got something for free and now that they can’t provide it Anymore going to be upset it’s like if someone gives you a free house and tells you the only thing you have to do is pay property tax you’re going to be upset because you have to pay property tax on a house that someone gave you for free I don’t see the logic in why people are getting so upset over something that they got FOR FREEEEEEEE

Person Detection is gone. oh well. gotta move on and deal with it. personally, for me, no use complaining unless if want to raise my blood pressure. or just blame Apple who bought out the company that provided the technology licensing to Wyze. in a way be thankful that Apple didn’t continue the license and then hold Wyze over a barrel and threaten to raise the cost for licensing the technology which would then probably make Wyze pass the cost on to us customers in new subscriptions. (also, be very scared if Apple ever gives Wyze a buyout offer that Wyze cannot refuse!!!)

anyways, what works for me (which may or may not work for you) is my workaround to deal with the current No Person Detection, and to limit the irrelevant notification alerts (by cars passing by in my situation), is to adjust where the camera view points at and to shorten/limit the detection zone to just focus the zone on my front porch and up to the edge of our front yard up to the sidewalk next to the street. also trying to turn down the detection sensitivity to be less than 50% – right now trying 45%. so far only getting people (me) and a neighborhood cat. but still, expecting car headlights, because of their wide illumination, to cause notification alerts in the evening. but my remedy for that is to set a rule for turning on notifications to be from 6:20am to 7:30pm to limit the annoying notifications due to headlights to be from dusk/sundown to 7:30pm.

(have my front porch cam pointing downward from high up in tall side window next to the front door, looking through the window, and so the built-in IR is turned off, and have to eventually get some sort of other IR light to get around the nighttime reflection issue with the cam’s built-in IR.)

I would happily pay extra… I already pay for the cloud backup and use sd cards, so yea I’d rather have it and pay a little more. It’s come to be very valuable in my opinion.

I am not aware of a feature yet that has been removed and then offered as a pay service by WYZE


While I agree with you and I have had my cameras since before person detection was realized, there were people who purchased the camera after it was launched. For them, that may have been a selling point of the camera and thus a reason for them to be upset.


Regarding person detection - let’s all be honest with each other.

The edge AI that was provided by XNOR was clearly a top-of-class product, so much so that the technology was purchased by the largest tech company by market cap.

To me, it seems pretty silly to think that a company selling 3rd party hardware with a custom app/firmware is in the position to quickly develop a competing, highly-sophisticated edge AI product. In fact (no diss to Wyze intended), it’s beyond comprehension that people here think that this can be accomplished by Wyze in any period of time.

Let’s presume the folks at XNOR were edge AI architects, developers, and specialists. Who thinks Wyze has those resources on-hand? They operate in a completely different market sector - inexpensive hardware solutions; not cutting-edge, on-device artificial intelligence. The team developing the front or back end of Wyze infrastructure would not be the same team doing this other type of programming. Again, no digg on Wyze here, just the nature of software development.

If person-detection is/was mission critical for you, you would do well to look for hardware solutions that already have some level of this functionality. It will need to evolve over time, and those providers arguably have a “leg up” on Wyze.

Told ya, Wyze pirated core devs :grin:

People probably think it because Wyze said it.
Wyze is making the mistake if announcing products and timelines way too early.
The outdoor camera for example.

I think we should make a distinction between Edge AI as discussed by @mailmeoffers and the AI solution that Wyze will be trying to implement going forward. From my understanding Wyze will be doing the video analysis on their side and not have an Edge AI built into the firmware as Xnor had done.