An outdoor mount I really like

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I’m using something very similar in black.
If you unplug and remove the cam for what ever reason it hold it’s position when screwed back on just need to check to see if it leveled the way it was before.

I like the protection the case gives, especially the power cord entry. Does it muffle the microphone?


I have a very similar one to this, if not identical. Due to the case, the sound does end up muffled, but that’s less of a concern for me than being able to see clearly outdoors. One camera is a secondary camera to my Nest Doorbell Cam on my front porch and the other is over my door to my backyard to keep an eye on the dogs and anyone that may try to come through/over the fence.

I’ll try speaking into it and report back. The neighbors dogs barking and kids walking by were pretty clear but I want to test actual speech.

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No, the microphone works fine, but it does cancel out the speaker. I’m using three of these, one outside and two inside. I can hear everyone inside just fine.