American Robin Youngsters Take First Flight

Bird’s-eye view of our last couple of Robins vacating the nest with some coaxing from mom. Camera is mounted on garage under roof pitch about 18 inches above nest. May need to turn up sound. This cam is great on cutting wind noise but records sound very low. The cam lens focus has improved with close objects over time. Please enjoy.

Device Model Wyze Cam v2
Firmware Version


Love the pre-fledge jostling going on, then the remaining guy’s building up his courage (gathering himself, coiling and uncoiling) but staying put.

‘Hey, no more jostling. Good deal!’ (hangs out for a good while, comfortably preening.)

I won’t spoil the ‘big finish.’ :slight_smile:


Mom closed the Kitchen, go find your own food. The second one needed to tune up it’s wings first :grin:


Near the denouement, definitely the final act:


I’m a sucker for shots like this.  ‘At cross purposes.’ :slight_smile:


Great video! Thanks for sharing. I don’t see many robins. Most of my successful bluebird broods have had one straggler that is reluctant to leave. Had one that took almost 24 hours to fledge after the second last bird fledged.

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Great video thanks for posting. :smiley:

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