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Off topic, but do you have any Amazon Locker location that would be convenient to you that you could have your orders shipped to?

I have never heard of an Amazon locker. Hmmm I am going to have to look into that. If there is such thing in my town. That would be great. I live in Ajax, Ontario. Which is east of Toronto.

I will have to contact Amazon Logistics and inquire about an Amazon locker. That would be great if they have one and particularly if the orders are not multiple large boxes that I am able to bring home on my own. As I do not drive. Otherwise, would have to take taxi. Maybe pay the driver an extra $10 or something to help me carry them up to my unit?

Thank you for bringing this up Lonnie. Charmaine

Hello Lonnie:

I just went on to GOOGLE Canada and discovered that my main post office has an AMAZON LOCKER. How does this work? Does Amazon contact me by email to let me know that my package or packages have been delivered to the location of my Amazon Locker? Yes, this would be much safer.

Since I walk with a walker. What I will do is buying myself a bundle buggy in the case I have multiple packages and I can put the packages into the buggy and use the buggy for stability and get the buggy with 4 wheels instead of two. This would be perfect.

Thank you for suggesting this idea. I have made my local post office as the DEFAULT for my Amazon deliveries.


I know there are a few locations around me. Most are in the next town over, but close enough if I needed to use them.

There aren’t any Amazon locker location overly convenient for me. Personally I have most deliveries get sent to my work because FedEx and UPS are there every day, and there is always some one at the shop to receive deliveries. That way stuff does not sit out on my front porch. During the COVID pandemic, I have been working from home most of the time, and have had to remember to change the delivery address to home. When I am expecting something, I pay attention to my security cameras so that I can usually see that my delivery has arrived. And if it’s from Amazon, Alexa tells me within 30 seconds that it has arrived.

With all that said, where I can see it being useful is someone who is gone all day and does not want stuff sitting out for hours. The other one is people traveling. i.e. I’ll be in Seattle in three days so pick a locker location near where you will be and have it delivered there.

I’ve used them. There is at least one array in a supermarket a short drive from me.

They are GREAT. Doors pop open like an Automat (look it up youngsters), one after another when you enter the first pickup code. No humans, no hassle, rarely a wait. Perfect for secret gifts to household members, Christmas / Channukah shopping, and avoiding porch pirates.

Unfortunately some people I know say the lockers near them are never available.

But why do you ask?

P.S. some drugstore chains let you pick up FedEx packages. They just keep them in the back room and go fetch them for you. Not nearly as fun as doors that pop open.

It is not so much that I asked about Amazon Lockers?

I was discussing buying another Wyze Cam products and accessories and having it delivered to my door. Concern of this happening. Reason: last year mostly particularly I had 3 parcels stolen that were delivered to me and I feel the persons that may be responsible are tenants I am having problems within my building.

I am just concerned about buying more online and having delivered. I have an appreciation for doing online shopping, as I have over the past several years found more of my needs online than I have in stores.

When a customer of Wyze read of my concerns of thefts at my apartment door from Amazon deliveries. They suggested to me Amazon Lockers. I appreciated that and replied to them showing gratitude. Am now looking into this. If I am to make more than one purchase in the future from Wyze at one time and it is not to fit into my apartment mailbox. I will have to consider an alternative delivery location for that now.


Now that I have learned of Amazon Locker, and I am familiar of different pick-up locations for FedEx and UPS in my community <<< with these two locations can the drop-off be arranged in advanced, or do I have to wait for them to come by my apartment and put a pick-up notice on my apartment lobby window to go pick it up? The unfortunate dilemma about FedEx and UPS, is that I am uncertain of any stores closer to me. I will have to look more into this. If there are any closer, then I will choose defaults for these two, as I have for Amazon Locker already as of last night.

I am happy to have learned of the Amazon Locker from another person in this community forum. Especially after 3 parcel thefts from my apartment door last year. I have since not ordered from Amazon again :frowning: Another reason for alternate pick-up locations for parcels for me is my health and/or if I am visiting friends out of town. I do not have to be so concerned of watching for my parcels and a rush to pick it up right away. With my health, not always easy for me to get the parcels at once.

As for cameras: I wish I could install outside my unit door to keep an eye on who would steal my parcels :frowning: then I could continue have parcels delivered to my door. Sadly, the thefts just started for me last year.

I meant why did @LonnieM ask.

You do have 3 days to pick up from the Amazon locker though or the item is sent back. I use one all the time for when I get gifts because of a nosey mother and was told 3 days to pick up item so the locker can be used for someone else.

If you live near a Whole Foods you can have your packages delivered there. I don’t think you have to get those packages in 3 days like you do with the lockers but I could be wrong

Hi @charmainejensen Didn’t see if your question was answered about the Amazon locker. They send you an eMail to say your package is ready for pickup and give you a code. You type the code at a keypad on the locker, a locker door opens with your package inside.

Not sure if these are all in CA.
UPS My Choice is a free service to register your address and be notified of a delivery. There are usually several alternate delivery points you may select. Login | UPS - United States

  • FedEx has Delivery Manager which is about the same or better.
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