Am I doing the rules correctly?

I have two bulbs grouped together, one by the front door, and one further down the path to the door. I want them to come on only during the night, and turn off once motion is clear. Should I have a time limit on the clear rule?

If I understand what you’re trying to do, it requires two rules, and they should look something like this.

Technically, you wouldn’t have to put the time limit on the “clear” rule, but there’s no point in making it send server requests to turn off the lights every time motion clears during the day, if the lights will already be off anyway. I’d go ahead and add the time limit so that the logic matches, and it’s not doing extra stuff it doesn’t need to do.

Rule 1:

Rule 2:

Yes, it was that “clear” rule that was bugging me. Thanks for your precise explanation, you the man . . .