Alternate Power Supply

I would love to see some optional power supply options. There are places where I just can’t plug it in. I would love to see a solar panel option for outdoors. A rechargeable battery pack would be very useful for places indoors where a plug is not available, and routing a long cable won’t work.

There are #wishlist topics for these already:

Rechargeable backup battery for power outage

Wyze Solar Panel - Solar power adapter

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I have an situation where I need to use a 12VDC power source and I have found some 12 to 5VDC adapters, but here is the situation. The 5V side is rated at 2A and/or 3A. Wyze Cam v2 is rated for 5VDC 1A. Will I be able to use one or both of these adapters to convert the 12V lines that are already in place to a usable power source for the Cam v2. I can find adapters at a good price but the Amps are 1A to 5A and do not want to put too much current on the units if they can’t work safely with them.

Can you advise?

Having a higher current won’t matter the camera draws what it needs, only would matter if the power supply had less current than needed by the camera.


Thanks for your information. I plan to use an existing security camera power supply box rated at 12vdc 5 amps per channel. There are 9 channels in this power box. I can use the barrel connector to connect to the buck convertor and get 5 VDC 2 amps out and have a micro usb plug on it to use to the camera. This is good news for me! Thanks again…

@bryonhu answered your question correctly. The 2A or 3A adapter should work fine with either a V2 (needs 1A) or a Pan (needs 2A).

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