Allow camera motion turns on bulbs

Allow automation rule that powers on Wyze bulbs when motion is detected on cameras. For example, I’d like my front porch light to come on when my front porch cameras detect motion at night.

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Hi @JTH88
This ability, if I understand your question correctly, is already available under the use of Rules;
Home Screen/Pencil Icon/Edit Rules/+ Icon/Device Trigger
See this example:

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That is great to know because the Wyze tech support told me last night that this was not possible!!! I was about to order their bulbs but checked with them first and they said not possible. Thanks!

Can you post your ticket number that you got after speaking with them? We can make sure word gets send on so that a correct message can be given in the future. Thanks in advance!

It’s definitely possible but not as reliable as the motion sensors, in my experience. I used this method to control some lights when I lost a few V1 sensors and was waiting for V2 to come out. If your cams have CamPlus, that would probably make it more usable as you wouldn’t have that 5 minute cool down.