All cameras are white

When I go to my app, the video stream previews are all solid black squares. When I click on a camera to view the live stream, the app connects to the camera successfully and then displays the camera stream, but it’s just a solid white screen.

All 3 of my cameras have started doing this. I’ve cleared app cache, restarted devices, and unplugged them. Nothing I do has fixed the issue.

I’ve submitted a support ticket days ago and have not gotten a reply yet.

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What app version are you using?


That’s the beta app
other people have been having problems like that, see this thread

Beta issues should be posted in the beta section

My apologies. You are right. Should I delete this post?

No , it’s fine.
Now you know your not the only one with the problem :slightly_smiling_face:

And I thought this was going to be a thread asking for purple cameras :frowning:

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Purple, I don’t like that one but maybe silver and black, little Raiders emblem, I think I have a weekend project now

That could be a profitable side line - producing stickers to cover white Wyze cams!
/edit -
I chose the color purple because in the military
Navy/Air force - Blue
Army - Green
Where I worked (many years ago) when we had a joint mission we would often refer to it as “purple”

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