Alexa wont discover Pan Cam

I just purchased 4 v2’s and 2 pan cams. Replacing the Amazon cloud cams and drop cams I’ve been using. The pan cams are what got me on board, just two of these will cover my first floor, vs 4 stationary cams.

Only one of the pan cams showed-up, thought I’d go ahead and set it up. Got through the initial setup and 2 consecutive firmware updates. Cam is working fine.
Then, I downloaded the Wyze cam skill to Alexa, connected my account and then pressed discover.

No error message, just goes back to the existing device list, but no wyze cam added. Pretty much the only trouble shooting I could find was to disable and re-enable the skill, which I’ve done a few times.

I’ve got many devices and skills on Alexa, all of which work fine.
I’m using the latest firmware in the cam.

Any ideas? I’m really hoping this is a fluke as I’ve got a few more of these cams coming!

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Well… just as soon as I wrote that … of course the cam is suddenly showing-up.
So yeah… disregard!