Alexa won’t show live feeds

I have an update. My Shows are holding the Wyze camera image/view longer now than they were before. (If I don’t use this little trick, the Show goes to its home screen in about 10 minutes.) What did I do make this work?

I’ve noticed just recently that if I touch the Show’s screen to “zoom” in, even just a smidgen - even just ever so slightly, that the view will hold longer. Let me try explaining that again. 1) Camera view comes up. 2) using thumb and finger, zoom in/expand the closeup view even barely. 3) The camera’s view is staying up for 60 minutes until my next hourly routine or I send a action command to move to another camera.

In case you are not going back and reading all the posts in this thread, just let me summarize. I am using the Echo Show 5 and 8 1st gen. I can not consistently get the Show 2nd gen bring up a camera view in full screen. This update above applies to (in my experience) 1st gen only.

I don’t know if this has been the behavior all long or recently. I think because the firmware on the camera and the Show’s software update from Amazon are beyond our control to even track the changes, we simply are lucky if this stays the same way. But its working right now.