Alexa Control , home assistant... Anything?

Hey all,

So I just got two cams, but I cant seem to turn them on or off though Alexa… or anything else

What am I doing wrong?

There must be a simple and easy way to turn off multiple cameras when you arrive home right? Home Assistant device tracker. Alexa media center routine… Something?? lol

Surely I don’t have to;

Find the app on my phone
open the app
wait for it to load
switch one camera one
switch off camera two
curse myself for buying cameras that I could have brought 10 years ago :frowning:

Its 2021 right?


First, they never really turn off.

Second, I believe the only step you can shorten is doing the cameras sequentially. You can group them in the app.

I think you can turn them off with IFTTT. I leave mine on all the time, and I just turn off motion detection when I’m home. But I’m certain I saw a ‘turn off’ option in IFTTT.

I thought this company was progressive, but I guess not.

I am using ifttt to turn them off with HA presence sensors, I doubt it will be very reliable with ifttt being as bad as it is.

Well I’ll know better next time… I hope LOL

@towelkingdom is correct. IFTTT does have a Turn Camera’s on or off…