Alexa compatible cameras

Of all your cameras which are compatible with alexa and and echo? Are the can pams compatible?

I can’t tell who you are asking this question. My cameras are. But if you are asking people that work for Wyze, you won’t get an answer here. This is customer/user to customer/user forum where we swap stories of catching fish (in the camera’s view) and meteors across the skies. You might want to contact Wyze customer service or check out the specs on the cameras for answers.

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The Wyze cam v2, v2, Pan, and Outdoor (battery powered) all work with Amazon Alexa. The doorbell camera currently shows sideways due to bug that I believe is being looked into. You’ll need to make sure you have the Wyze skill enabled and linked to your account to view your camera(s).
The only Wyze camera that isn’t compatible with Alexa is the original V1 camera.


Depends on the definition of compatible. Several cameras seem to have problems displaying on the Alexa app. Not sure if all will display on Echo devices.