Echo trouble

I have reset the skill for cameras on Amazon echo app and I am on the same wifi but my echo wont connect to the cameras. any help? tia Derek

Welcome to the Wyze community!
I’ve got a few questions:

  • Did you login to your Wyze account I; the Alexa app?
  • Did you ask Alexa to “discover devices”?
    Take a look here for more information:
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tired to unlink alexa to reset and it wouldn’t do that.
the cameras are already found but the wont connect. should i forget all them and refind them??

k deleted cameras on alex app and trying to find them from the alexa phone app, Echo couldn’t find them, and Aexa app on phone cant find them

disabled skill on alexa app and and enabled again, Hey devices found!! success!!, outdoor cam doesn’t work with Alexa? Hope it will in the future

Glad you got it working!

It worked fine on my Fire Stick.