Alexa about 15 minutes Delayed in Notifications

@WyzeGwendolyn , I am not sure if Amazon AWS is having issues, but I am experiencing a 15 to 20 minute delay in notifications. However, the Wyze App is reporting when the event happens. So it is something with Alexa or the Feed to Alexa.

Wanted to report this in case there is an issue.

As of right now, 20 minutes after your post, mine are coming through with no delay. I have not seen other reports yet but will keep an eye out

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Thanks. I will see if mine are the same.

Well, mine is still delayed. We got home about 20 minutes ago and now it is telling my garage door is open and the door to the garage was opened. :slight_smile:

Mine seems to be working now…

Mine are still delayed by 5-30 minutes

I haven’t paid any attention in the last few hours but it has been like that all afternoon today

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