Alert video bug?

On iOS. When watching an alert video, if I try to “pinch out” to zoom in, the playback crashes to the generic thumbnail background. Usually have to back out to the alert video list to regain functionality.

I see that too. I will report it.

Workaround for how is to tap the share button, save the video to the camera roll and zoom it there.


I got an update from the Tech Team. The ability to zoom in on the alert videos in not implemented. So we should not be expecting it to work. When I tested today, it caused the video to restart from the beginning rather than freeze on the generic thumbnail as before.

In any case, the tech team is looking into what it would take to implement, or at least flash a message informing that zoom is not available when you try to zoom. My guess would be that it’s probably pretty low priority though.

Thanks for the quick feedback!