Alert sound

Can you set up a different alert tone or notification for each camera? I would like to set it up that I hear a different alert tone from my outdoor camera from my inside living room camera.

I am wanting this also. It would make life much easier. Currently I’ve created a rule in Alexa that kinda does this but it would be better coming from Wyze. @jabeaudin

On Android you can change the notification sounds in the phone, it is not changed in the app.

On my phone I click through several layers to get to it, but you start with the notification when it happens.

Click on Setting Gear for WyzeMessage

Click on WyzeMessage

Click on Sound

Select the Notification Sound you want hear…

You can even add notifications sounds to the library from ones you created or downloaded if supplied tones don’t work for you

Android 14 on a Pixel 6 Pro, other phones may have slightly different method