AirTag tracking for pets

My dogs roam the backyard while I’m at work and they’ve been known to get out. Is there some way for Wyze sensors, cameras (preferred), or non-wyze solution to sense an AirTag that way the airtags I have attached to my dogs’ collar regularly check in? I don’t have Wyze sensors outdoors, but would consider adding some if this is a feature, In case it helps, I have two Outdoor Wyze cams and a Wyze Flood with a v3 attached.

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There isn’t any way for Wyze devices to integrate with the Apple AirTag to sense it’s signal. Each is a proprietary technology. The Cams don’t have sensors in them for that and the Wyze Sense Sensors are RF sensors that only communicate with the Wyze Sense Hub.

As I understand it, AirTags are close range Bluetooth devices that update their location signal thru other nearby Apple devices and NFC enabled Android devices. Wyze devices don’t have this capability.