Air purifier run louder and longer overnight and morning

Air purifier run louder and longer overnight and morning. Does anyone know why?

Read this:

Hopefully that helps.
Basically, AQI tends to go up at night. You can set up a sleep schedule on the air purifier though. Tell it to run in sleep mode between certain hours at night while you’re sleeping so it stays quiet. Then switch back to auto in the morning when you wake up. Then it won’t disturb your sleep.


Thank you for responding so quickly. It’s doing its job.

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Also, not sure if you use a humidifier, but if you do, the vapor also is read by the sensor. Might be a good reason why it increases at night.

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Yes! This is a big one. We only really turn on humidifiers when someone is congested, but even when it’s only on in 1 room, it quickly gets into the ventilation and fills the entire house, causing the AQI on all the air purifiers to spike.

Hot showers at night cause this too since it doesn’t dissipate as easily at night.

Great point.