Air pressure sensor to automate sprinkler blow out

A remote air pressure sensor for blowing out you own sprinklers by cycling the zone valves and allowing the compressor to recover pressure before opening a valve again.

What are you talking about? Trying to figure out what you are trying to do to your sprinklers.

I just read your location in your bio and you are in a warmer climate where ground frost might not be a problem. I am in MN. When you blow out sprinkler lines you shut off the water and use compressed air to remove any water left in the lines. Commercial companies use diesel compressors that have a very high volume output of air and don’t need to cycle to build up pressure like a home compressor. When you blow out you own system you end up using a far smaller tank so it requires multiple times to get enough air through the line to get the water out. If there was an air pressure sensor it could open the sprinkler zone valve at a high pressure and close it at a low cut pressure. It could then build up to the high pressure and start the process all over. The system then cycles through the zones until there is no water left in the lines.

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