Aiming the Pan Camera

Can the camera be aimed with the controls and stay in the position that you set? I can move to camera to the area I want to cover but after a few seconds it reverts back to a fixed position. Do you have to manually aim the lens?

Turn on “Motion Tracking” and “Pan Scan” together. Then turn them off. You can then move the cam to any position and the cam will stay there.

Thanks very much for the detailed response. It solved the problem. Is this written anywhere? How do you you assign am alert tone yto the Motion Detected alert on an iPhone? I try to change it in Sounds settings but it always reverts to a beep beep. Is the notification alert sound set by WYZE?

You’re very welcome! I opened a ticket just for a way to move the camera to a position and having the camera to stay there. No reply yet over a week. Then I played around with the controls and noticed this “trick” which is not documented. Actually I asked this question few times in the forum but got no reply. This is a basic function of a pan tilt camera, point it to certain location and have it staying there without moving back to a “home” position in 15 seconds.

I think Wyze overlooks this basic function but overemphasize “Motion Tracking” and “Scanning” functions.

I think the alert tone cannot be changed but not sure since I am not using it.

From what I have seen exceedingly few Non-Apple applications have the ability to change the alert tone. I had actually assumed that it was impossible because I have not personally seen ANY non-Apple app that could, but someone mentioned that there was at least one that could. So therefore, it must be possible for a 3rd party app developer to change alert tones, but I assume it’s not easy.

Just one more reason that I hate this @#$%^&* iPhone that I was forced into - it’s a work phone…


Finally support replied to my ticket. Below is feedback sent to them :

Please pass the message to development team.

The first thing people may do with a Cam Pan is to move it to any location and expecting the camera will stay there instead of going back to the default home position. My 2 Cam Pans didn’t do that initially.

Then I “discovered” using waypoint position to “change” the default position.

Then I “discovered” enabling and disabling “Motion Tracking” and “Pan Scan” to disable that resetting to home position “feature”.

And there is no documentation in the manual about these 2 tricks anywhere.

It is quite frustrating and will definitely cause more support tickets for your team. Your team should understand many users are used to old/regular style cameras, like foscam ones which I have many of them.

Currently I am using 9 V2s, out of 15+ V1/V2 I have, and 2 Cam Pans and just 1 foscam C1 with all older foscam cameras decommissioned for now.

Thanks for your help. I wouldlike to know if everyone who receives a WYZE motion alert only gets a message or do they get a message and an audible alerrt (ON iPHONE})? If they get an audible alert does everyone get just a BEEP that is barely audible or can they change the alert sound that they receive?

The solution is to move the camera to where you want it, then set THAT as your"detection area".

Ie set the detection area to where you want the camera to look, and that is where it will return to / stay.

The camera always returns to it’s"detection area" (which is why it’s always goes back if all you do is manually move it).