AI Vehicle Issues

So my Floodlight V3 camera keeps tagging recorded events as a vehicle, when I only have it set to label Person and Pet. But there is no way a vehicle can be in the area of this floodlight but even if there were, it still shouldn’t be labeling events as a vehicle when I don’t have it set for that. So why does it keep doing this?

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I have a V2 in my garage and ever since I unchecked Vehicle under Event Recording > Smart Detections, I haven’t had a single event labeled as Vehicle.

Here’re my settings, hope this helps:

As I said I don’t have vehicle check in the settings for this camera, Yet, it often labels events as a vehicle.

V3 has been a nightmare now for a while. Mine does the same thing and fails to record pet events. Do you have CamPlus. Someone commented that once they got rid of CamPlus everything improved. I’m going to try that next.

Yes I have CamPlus but if you get rid of it then you are stuck with only 12 second recordings. It’s bad enough my camera’s with CamPlus miss what happens once the motion event stops, having only a 12 second video would miss a lot more.