Advertising in Monitoring Tab - Not the place

Few minutes ago, I wanted to check my house status using the mobile app.

Once I selected the “Monitoring” section, I was offered a full-screen advertisement of “Cam Protect” instead of the usual HMS page. Trying to get away from it required an indirect operation as I had to click setup and then confirm the cancellation. Going back and then selecting “Monitoring” again worked properly.

I don’t know if this was displayed because the server incorrectly considered me as unsubscribed to HMS but, in the end, this page is not the proper place to perform advertising.

When I go there, I want my HMS status. Right away.

Wyze, please fix the Topic Creation for “Services & Integration”. Since there are no tags defined, it’s impossible to create an appropriate topic there.

My guess is this is as due to the HMS status not loading right away so it defaults to the advertisement shown to unsubscribed users. I doubt Wyze would advertise cam protect of all things to HMS users.

Did it look something like this?

Hi @IEatBeans ,
Yes, that was exactly the page.

It is possible that the app failed to check my subscription status and displayed this instead.

If it’s the case, I still believe the app logic is weak.
Wyze should persist an indicator on the app to track the subscription status of a user and, when it’s known to be a subscriber, a proper, more professional screen stating the connection issue should be displayed - with a retry button clearly in view.

Thanks for your comment. I appreciate.

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