Ads. Turn them off! I paid for this!

Why does Wyze management think it’s OK to have intrusive pop-up nags/ads in the middle of the app that is required to use the product that I fully paid for?

Notify that a feature exists or product offering exists ONCE, perhaps…after that, there is no reason to continuously harass/nag your users by putting irrelevant information on the screen when all they want to do is access the devices they paid for.

How would you feel if before your car would start every morning, you had to acknowledge that for $19.99/month, you could have a better audio experience by enabling sirius radio. Not once, but repeatedly every time you try to start the engine. Ridiculous, right? Well, this is you. Stop being ridiculous.

I haven’t bought another Wyze product since you started this crap, and don’t intend to. There are several products I would like to own, but not if I have to use this app to get to them and be subject to this annoyance. I have other options.

I don’t get anything on my devices, I get an email maybe twice a month if something new is being sold or a sale,