Adjusting Wyze to capture people pointing camera outside through window


I was wondering if anyone knows of any tricks to capture/record people while your wyze cam is pointed outside through the window. It captures everything else such as cards, animals, wind lol but not people. I walk outside and I need to jump around and move constantly in order for it to record me. Please help!

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Hi, @hangshing44! Welcome to the Wyze community. I have placed a couple of links down below with lots of helpful information about “Person Detection” w/ Edge AI. Also, setting a detection zone may give you better results as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


You may not be aware of the 5-minute cooldown period. If the camera has detected ANY motion within the past 5 minutes, it’s not going to detect a person until that cooldown period has expired.


As you can see, I have mine mounted in the corner of my window facing the road. I have to have the night vision/IR turned off or it simply blinds the camera as the IR light impacts the glass panes. But I solve that with a solar powered spot light pointed at the car outside. It is aimed low enough to not bother the neighbors (I live in a mobile home community) yet provides enough light to view any activity that happens in the front at night, including seeing people.

I have two others mounted between the inside door and storm doors. They point out and we just leave the porch lights on.