Adhesive disk... Red or white?

Just got our first Wyze cameras and have what may sound like a silly question. I know that both sides of the adhesive disk need to be utilized but does it matter which is attached to the metal disk and which goes on the surface you want to attach the camera to? :thinking: I’m a huge Command Strip fan (even have a designated Command Strip storage box for all my supplies) and some of those have a designated side imprinted on them. I saw that Some people use Command Strips but I’m OK with the (semi) permanent adhesive as the camera are going to stay where placed. So, does it matter?

Thanks! :confused:

No, the adhesive is the same on both sides. But if you want to be able to remove it without significant difficulty, you might want to use command strips instead.

Thanks RickO. It’s going on an unfinished wooden bookcase upright. Was veering away from Command strips because of the posts that commented they might not be quite as strong. Guess I could use the higher weight strips geared to picture frames. Will mull it over and confer with Hubbs.

Thanks again!