Am I really this dumb?

I thought I had a handle on self-adhesive mounting disks like for my GPS, but I guess not. How the heck do you use the one that came with the Wyze? It appears to be a smooth magnetic metal disk, plus a peel-off adhesive (on one side) paper disk. So then what?

I needed to attach the disk to a wood base, so I just glued it. What was I missing here??


Yep, you missed. It’s double sided foam tape. The metal disk is not magnetic. The base of the camera is magnetic. The idea is to use the foam tape to attach the metal disk to a wall, desk, ceiling, etc. Then attach the camera to the metal disk with the magnet in the camera base. Obviously if the camera will go onto something metal, you don’t need to use it. For example one of my cameras is attached to the metal end of a 4 tube florescent light fixture, and another is sitting on top of the steel electrical sub-panel in my garage. Neither of those required the foam tape or metal disk. The one that is used as a dashcam in my pickup truck has the disk attached to the windshield behind the rear view mirror with the foam tape. The camera is magnetically attached to the disk.



Thank you for all of your responses! Folks from 4-land are sometimes the brightest hams in the butcher shop.

I checked the pad again and discovered I pulled off only one side…I missed the other tab.

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How do you power your camera when using it as a dash cam in your vehicle? Thanks

I have an adapter that plugs into the accessory power outlet (formerly called the cigarette lighter outlet) that has 4 USB outlets. Normally the Wyze camera uses one of the four and the others are used for cables for my two cellphones (one uses USB C and other a Lightning plug) and assorted stuff that uses micro USB.
Such adapters are readily available.

That’s awesome, thanks for the quick response and have a safe and blessed day.

I confess to having the exact same question while holding the metal disk and round 3M tape in my hands…maybe you need to add another picture in the little instruction paper? :slight_smile: